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You’re Fine – Dizzy #85

Happy New Year, everyone. 2017 won’t fix your problems. 🙂

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Merry Chinamas – Dizzy #84

Bah humbug.

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Silly Kids – Dizzy #83

Like father, like son.

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Gobble – Dizzy #82

like honestly…

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Halloweenie Hut Jr’s – Dizzy #81

that’s a dude.

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#ripvine – Dizzy #80

rip all the dank memes

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We’re Doomed – Dizzy #79

we deserve to go extinct.

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Another Comic About Opinions – Dizzy #78

dizzy comic comics webcomic deezeewy

Yay, politics!

deezeewy dizzy comic series webcomics
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The Climb – Dizzy #77

dizzy deezeewy comic comics funny hilarious lol haha

“Take it away, Miley.”

This comic was insanely fun to make. Big thanks to everyone who stopped by during the stream. If you want to participate in the livestreams, make sure to follow my Twitch channel and the Deezeewy twitter page for updates on whenever I go live. It’s always a blast. You can help create the outcome of the comic!

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Convenience – Dizzy #76

I’ve been out of town for the past two weeks and I can definitely say, the most difficult thing about the entire trip was trying to figure out how to operate other people’s showers.