A long list of every single Deezeewy creation.

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Silly Kids – Dizzy #83

Like father, like son.

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Gobble – Dizzy #82

like honestly…

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Halloweenie Hut Jr’s – Dizzy #81

that’s a dude.

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#ripvine – Dizzy #80

rip all the dank memes

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New Intro & Revamped Logo Typeface

deezeewy intro animation graphic

The intro animation graphic

I finally decided it was time to give the branding side of Deezeewy a new makeover. Out with the old, crappy Seattle Sans font (no offense <3). I created the new typeface with a combination of a few fonts, the main font being Korelev Compressed. I modified it in Illustrator with a few tweaks here and there to let the characters better flow well. I animated the text in After Effects with a bunch of masks and transformation. Pretty easy but tedious like all animation. I don’t usually use AE for animation, so this was new for me. It’s good to try something new every once in a while. My main work PC is down right now so I did everything here on a Macbook Pro. Oh well, I think it turned out okay for all being done on a trackpad.

the new typeface (W&B/B&W)

the good ol’ beaker with a #2BBFFF background


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We’re Doomed – Dizzy #79

we deserve to go extinct.

deezeewy drawing design illustration
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Family Illustration

Sketched up a family of characters. Experimenting with new face styles and stuff. Will be doing more projects like this.


sketched up a family of characters. experimenting with new face styles and stuff.

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deezeewy dizzy comic series webcomics
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The Climb – Dizzy #77

dizzy deezeewy comic comics funny hilarious lol haha

“Take it away, Miley.”

This comic was insanely fun to make. Big thanks to everyone who stopped by during the stream. If you want to participate in the livestreams, make sure to follow my Twitch channel and the Deezeewy twitter page for updates on whenever I go live. It’s always a blast. You can help create the outcome of the comic!