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You’re Fine – Dizzy #85

Happy New Year, everyone. 2017 won’t fix your problems. 🙂

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Merry Chinamas – Dizzy #84

Bah humbug.

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Silly Kids – Dizzy #83

Like father, like son.

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Gobble – Dizzy #82

like honestly…

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Halloweenie Hut Jr’s – Dizzy #81

that’s a dude.

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#ripvine – Dizzy #80

rip all the dank memes

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New Intro & Revamped Logo Typeface

deezeewy intro animation graphic

The intro animation graphic

I finally decided it was time to give the branding side of Deezeewy a new makeover. Out with the old, crappy Seattle Sans font (no offense <3). I created the new typeface with a combination of a few fonts, the main font being Korelev Compressed. I modified it in Illustrator with a few tweaks here and there to let the characters better flow well. I animated the text in After Effects with a bunch of masks and transformation. Pretty easy but tedious like all animation. I don’t usually use AE for animation, so this was new for me. It’s good to try something new every once in a while. My main work PC is down right now so I did everything here on a Macbook Pro. Oh well, I think it turned out okay for all being done on a trackpad.

the new typeface (W&B/B&W)

the good ol’ beaker with a #2BBFFF background


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We’re Doomed – Dizzy #79

we deserve to go extinct.